For the greater good of your home, community, and world.

Proud to announce

NJ HPwES Acheivement

For every 4.5 houses that go through The Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Program, the equivalent of one house's total energy usage can be completely taken off the electric grid!

houses upgraded since 2006
Houses removed from grid


Advancing sustainable living to empower individuals and communities to adopt energy-efficient practices, reducing carbon emissions, and fostering a more environmentally responsible society.


Oxford Energy is facilitating the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR (HPwES) program in New Jersey and other states in the future to deliver "whole-house" energy savings solutions to improve comfort, health and the environment. Facilitating Federal Home Performance Program is ALL WE DO! We treat every customer’s home like it’s our very own!

Experience and caring matter, trust Oxford Energy, we treat every home like it's our very own!

Professionally installed high performance comfort systems ensure proper sizing, airflow, charge, and testing. This means less wasted energy, enhanced comfort, and less maintenance. Wouldn't you agree it's important that your comfort system is installed to deliver optimum performance and peace of mind?


$0 Up front cost

You may qualify for 100% funding through your utility company after the energy assessment.

Peace of mind

Oxford Energy is a "Turn Key" full service facilitator of the HPwES program. We treat every customer's home as if our very own!

Total Energy Savings

With upgraded energy efficient homes, customers can reduce their annual utility usage up to 30%.

10+ Years manufacturer’s warranty

We only install the most reliable equipment with 10+ years manufacture's warranty.


Do you experience temperature differences in your home? Drafty areas? Air sealing, insulation and proper sized HVAC equipment will help to remove most hot and cold spots throughout your home.


The "whole-house" approach to energy efficiency can improve indoor air quality and mitigate asthma, allergies and other health-related issues.


You will receive your official Home Energy Score and Pearl Certification which can increase your home's value with national recognition.

Better Planet

Heating and cooling upgrades can remediate R-22 refrigerant and its harmful effects on the Ozone layer and reduce the global carbon foot print.

ENERGY STAR® Century Club Awards


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